Hi, I'm Ben

A full stack web developer from Kingston, Ontario who enjoys using logic and reason to find elegant and effective solutions to complex problems. Motivated to learn how to leverage industry leading frameworks and approaching everyday as an oppurtunity to extend my knowledge.

Lineal HTML


Focused on writing concise code that conveys its purpose effectively.

Lineal Rocket Ship


Keeping up to date with modern technologies through podcasts and hobby work.

Lineal Phone and Desktop


Using advanced CSS to accomadate and adapt seamlessly to all device sizes.

Skill Set

A variety of frameworks, libraries and languages that I have had the oppurtunity to work with.

  • I am proficient in
    • CSS logoCSS
    • HTML logoHTML
    • JavaScript logoJavaScript
    • Node JS logoNode JS
    • React logoReact
    • Redux logoRedux
    • SASS logoSASS
    • TypeScript logoTypeScript
  • familiar with
    • Apollo logoApollo
    • Chakra UI logoChakra UI
    • Figma logoFigma
    • Gatsby logoGatsby
    • GraphQL logoGraphQL
    • MongoDB logoMongoDB
    • Next JS logoNext JS
    • Python logoPython
    • Svelte logoSvelte
  • and exploring
    • Blender logoBlender
    • Docker logoDocker
    • Kubernetes logoKubernetes
    • PostGres logoPostGres
    • Prisma logoPrisma
    • Unity logoUnity


Reinforcing my knowledge practically by applying new skills and open-source frameworks to complete personal projects.

My Timeline

Notable achievements and events on my road to explore and master concepts in modern web development.

CourseSept 9, 2021

Just JavaScript

Completed Dan Abramov's course rebuilding your mental model of JavaScript, focusing on concepts of equality and mutability.
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CourseFeb 18, 2021

NodeJS - The Complete Guide

Completed Maximilian Schwarzmüller's course on REST API, GraphQL, Authentication, MongoDB and more in NodeJS.
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CourseJan 7, 2021

Understanding TypeScript

Completed Maximilian Schwarzmüller's course on the basics, features and workflows of TypeScript.
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ConferenceDec 7-9, 2020


Attended workshops and topic tables to interact with industry leaders and learn about complex concepts in React.
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EmploymentMay 1, 2020

Centre for Advanced Computing

Started a 16 month software development internship leveraging modern AI solutions in web applications.
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CourseMarch 4, 2020

Advanced CSS and Sass

Completed Jonas Schmedtmann's course on advanced and modern CSS including CSS Grid, flexbox and responsive design.
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EducationSept 7, 2017

Software Design, BComp

Started studying Software Design at Queen's Univeristy in Kingston, ON to earn a Bachelor of Computing.
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Thanks to Eric for introducing me to my passion

and to Madison for supporting it.