I'm a passionate developer

I am an experienced React developer and enjoy working daily with GraphQL and Tailwind. My current role at an edtech startup has provided me an interest in the potential for AI to help provide personalized learning at scale.

Outside of coding, I'm an avid podcast listener, with 'How I Built This' being a favorite. Hearing the stories of successful entrepreneurs and innovators who've made a global impact inspires me.

I have hope in technology's potential to drive positive change when guided by ethical principles. I strive to contribute to innovative projects that shape the future.

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What I'm Currently Working OnDesigner Front End Developer

Tourny is a web-based tournament management application for sports helping streamline the planning and management of tournaments for those less experienced in the process.

The platform provides templates for tournament formats and generates pools, brackets and schedules. It also provides an easy way to share the details and results of your tournaments with all involved.

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TS Engine

2D Game Engine

A very simple 2D Game Engine that runs in the browser on HTML Canvas. Not yet ready for AAA titles but handles Snake well enough. Currently only supporting rectangle based games.

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What I've Been Up To
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Jun 2022Disco Learning

Started a role as a full stack developer at Disco, an innovative learning platform that strives to create engaged learning communities.

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Sep 2021Just JavaScript

Completed Dan Abramov's course rebuilding your mental model of JavaScript, focusing on concepts of equality and mutability.

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Aug 2021Centre For Advanced Computing

Completed a 16 month software development internship working on chatbots and leveraging AI solutions in educational web applications.

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Feb 2021NodeJS - The Complete Guide

Completed Maximilian Schwarzmüller's course on REST API, GraphQL, Authentication, MongoDB and more in NodeJS.

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Jan 2021Understanding TypeScript

Completed Maximilian Schwarzmüller's course on the basics, features and workflows of TypeScript.

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Dec 2020Reactathon

Attended online workshops and topic tables to interact with industry leaders and learn about complex concepts in React.

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Mar 2020Advanced CSS and Sass

Completed Jonas Schmedtmann's course on advanced and modern CSS including CSS Grid, flexbox and responsive design.

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Sep 2017Software Design, BComp

Started studying Software Design at Queen's University in Kingston, ON to earn a Bachelor of Computing.

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